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Phase I of the Transport Statistics gathered together data for the world's major financial and industrialised nations: Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and USA. Spain was also included as an example of a country where, despite rising car ownership and road accident casualties, the introduction of an exemplary package of policies - building modern high quality roads, traffic legislation, enforcement and education - which stemmed, and then reversed, the increase in traffic accident casualties, despite continuing growth in traffic.

In Phase II data for these countries has been updated, and information for three additional groups of countries added:

  • Australia (as an example of a developed country outside of Europe and North America)
  • The Russian Federation, Poland and the Czech Republic (as examples of countries from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, which are developing rapidly)
  • China, India and Brazil (as examples of large, less developed, countries that have been in the process of rapid economic development)

In addition, some data are collected for the European Union as a whole, both the EU15 and EU25 countries.

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Published Date: 13 April 2008

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