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How To Use This Site

The aim of the International Transport Statistics Programme website is to make available a wide selection of transport related data and information to a variety of users - transport professionals, research institutions, road authorities, policy makers, data holders, research institutions, general and specialist media and members of the public.

Information contained on the site can be accessed in three ways:

1. Browse

Information is organised into two categories: Country and Topic, giving you two paths by which to find the information you are looking for. For example, if you are interested in finding out the number of road accidents in Japan, this can be found by navigating through either the Japan homepage (and selecting Safety) or by the Safety homepage (and selecting Japan).

Within in each page you will find information in both graphical and tabular form. At the base of each of these presentations you will find several options:

  • Sources: lists the sources of the data contained in the graph or table
  • Manipulate: allows you to add or remove data and create your own graphs and tables
  • Table: displays the graph in tabular form
  • Graph: displays the table in graphical form
  • CSV: allows you to download the information as a csv file that you can save and edit in Excel
  • XML: allows you to download the information as an xml file that you can load into your own programmes

Each page also contains a section of prose giving general observations and additional analysis and comment on the data available.

2. Search

The search engine can be used to find pages containing information that you are interested in. Select search from the list of tabs to the left of the page and enter your query into the space provided. Complex queries can be built by using standard search terms such as AND, OR and NOT:

  • AND finds pages or phrases containing all of the specified words or phrases. Japan AND Safety finds pages or phrases containing both the words Japan and Safety
  • OR finds pages or phrases containing at least one of the specified words. Japan OR Safety finds pages or phrases containing either Japan or Safety
  • NOT excludes pages or phrases containing the specified word or phrase. Japan NOT Safety finds matches with Japan but not containing Safety.

All entries matching your search query will be displayed, from where you can explore further.

For a general overview of the country information and topic information available go to Sitemap

3. Build Your Own

Go to the Build Your Own Table or Graph page to view and download the information that you are interested in.

The Build Your Own feature allows you to give your table or graph a title and description and, giving you access to the complete comprehensive data contained on the Transport Statistics site, to select the topic and country data, and set constraints on how the data will be presented (e.g. constrain output to certain countries, or certain years), choose to display the results as a table or graph (and also choose the type of graph you want the information displayed in), save your settings, and view the source code of the information retrieved.

Once you've built your own tables and graphs you can download your own personal copy as a csv (that you can edit in Excel) or xml file (that you can load into your own programme).

Step by step instructions for using the Build Your Own feature can be found on the Build Your Own Table or Graph Help page.

Published Date: 13 April 2008

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