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India is the second most populous country after China, and has a population density similar to Britain. Its population is forecast to exceed that of China soon after 2030. It is urbanising rapidly, though not as fast as China; the percentage in urban areas was 20 per cent in 1970, 29 per cent in 2005 and will be 41 per cent by 2030.

India has a large and extensive transportation system with a road density higher than USA. The country has one of the world's largest railway networks, similar in size to that of China and larger than that of Japan. However, vast sections remain underdeveloped.

Vehicle Stock in India

Vehicle Stock in India

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The number of cars per person is on a par with China both of which are bottom of the countries included in the Transport Statistics database, although it ranks higher for ownership of powered two-wheelers. In terms of stocks of buses and coaches, India has one of the highest.

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Published Date: 13 April 2008

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