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Demographic and Infrastructure

This section allows you to explore data on population since 1960, household size, surface area, gross domestic product (GDP), length of the road and rail networks.

To find out more about how data in this section have been compiled, the definitions used and associated caveats go to the Demographic and Infrastructure section of the Data Definitions and Caveats page.

Population Statistics

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Amongst the countries included in the Transport Statistics database, China and India have a significantly greater population, with 1.3 billion and 1 billion in 2005 respectively.

Land Area (square km)

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Land area in Russia is by far the highest amongst the countries included in the Transport Statistics database, at just over 17 million square kilometres. Next is Canada at just under 10 million, followed closely by the USA and China at just over 9.5.

Length of the Motorway Network (km)

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Roads are being improved to accommodate growing traffic. Some of the growth in the length of motorways shown in the table above is a result of reclassification. However, increases in Spain, China, Japan, France and Germany represent new construction.

Published Date: 13 April 2008

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